About “Svayak. Standart”

“Standart” – created for confident men who lead an active life, seek new experiences, are capable of adventureand at the same time appreciate the comfort of their homes.

It is produced with the use of high-quality “Belalfa” grade alcohol that under goes additional purification. Because of this, when this product is properly used, absence of hangover is guaranteed.

Moreover the product has obtained the kosher certificate, therefore it is permitted by the kosher diet and can be the perfect accompaniment to kosher food.


About “Svayak. Cedar”

Cedar has been considered a symbol of good health and longevity since ancient times.

The life-giving power of crystal clear water, cedar nuts and pure grain alcohol make this product really soft and pleasant. And platinum filtration ensures the excellent quality of the drink


About “Svayak. Original”

Vodka «Svayak. Original» – art classic vodka. As part of a high quality beverage alcohol “Belalfa” and clean water, which carefully preserve a traditional and deep flavor of this vodka.